A note on: Launching House of Mouse with Prue Chamberlain at Poetry School Camarade

So lovely to release a new collaborative book into the world, written alongside the brilliant Prue Chamberlain. We performed at The Poetry School Camarade, an event I curated at Rich Mix alongside 8 other pairs of poets, in what was a fine night all told, by alternatively reading, blindfolding, spinning and sticking noses on an olaf the snowman poster. The spinning was my favourite part of it, which perhaps goes some way to evidence my current feeling toward reading, but everything Prue and I have done in collaboration has been energising, such is her humour, intelligence and adventurousness. Buy our book please www.stevenjfowler.com/houseofmouse

Published: The House of Mouse by Prudence Chamberlain & I - Knives Forks & Spoons press: July 2016

To be launched as part of The Poetry School Camarade on July 17th 2016 at Rich Mix &The CapLet 1st year anniversary reading on August 10th at St Margaret's House, both near Bethnal Green.

I'm always interested in collaborating as a form of learning, growing as a poet and a person through the intelligence and idiosyncrasies of my collaborator. This book, and my ongoing collaborative work with Prudence Chamberlain, is a great example of that. These poems are unique for me, drawing me into new ways of writing, and this is such a beautiful book, dotted with new artworks by a variety of visual artists. Hopefully the humour, the intensity and the style will show through to readers too.

From the publisher: "Discursive, playful, obscene and satirical, The House of Mouse is a collection of ten poetic collaborations written by British poets SJ Fowler and Prudence Chamberlain - each responding to a famed cartoon, each uncovering the bizarre overt and covert symbols and signs of these pervasive animations. 
Dotted with original illustrations by contemporary artists like Lizzy Stewart and Duncan Marchbank, this unique collaborative collection aims to show that maybe the only thing stranger than corporate cartoon animals is avant-garde poetry."

One of the texts, Bambi, was published by the online poetry journal Country Music, edited by Scott Abels, in March 2016 is available to read below. http://countrymusicpoetry.org/index.php?pr=chamberlain-fowler

A note on: launching 40 feet, a new book, written with David Berridge

As part of an event at the Essex Book Festival, a Camarade I had the pleasure of putting together, I got to read with my friend and collaborator, David Berridge. We launched our book 40 feet, which has been published by Knives Forks and Spoons press. http://knivesforksandspoonspress.co.uk/ 

40 Feet is a poem in dialogue. 40 poems as 40 moments, 40 fragments, 40 conversation starters / enders. It is a poem deliberately broken, misheard, overheard and overlapping. It is a record of meeting, writing, witnessing; mulching and reflecting London in 2013, where both of us lived and frequently met. 40 Feet is the events of that time and the character of that place, fixed in the subjective, the miniature, the specific - through an open-ended poetics of expression and conversation. 

We wrote the book over a year ago and revisiting it in Essex was a beautiful thing, to feel the book as a record of a friendship in poetry but also a marker of a time in my life.

And you can read more about David's work here http://verysmallkitchen.com/ 

Published: 2 limited editions released in March: Tractography (Pyramid Editions) & 40 Feet (Knives Forks & Spoons press)

Very pleased to see two new publications emerge in March. 

Tractography is the first of a new series of poems, called Neurocantos, and is launched in a boutique limited edition by Pyramid Editions, edited by Owen Vince. The poem is partially built from the words of a paper by the neuroscientist Daniel Margulies. http://pyramideditions.co.uk/

40 Feet, written with David Berridge is to be launched at the Essex Book Festival Camarade, on March 20th 2016, 40 Feet is published by Knives Forks and Spoons press. http://knivesforksandspoonspress.co.uk/ 

40 Feet is a poem in dialogue. 40 poems as 40 moments, 40 fragments, 40 conversation starters / enders. It is a poem deliberately broken, misheard, overheard and overlapping. It is a record of meeting, writing, witnessing; mulching and reflecting London in 2013, where both poets lived and frequently met. 40 Feet is the events of that time and the character of that place, fixed in the subjective, the miniature, the specific - through an open-ended poetics of expression and conversation. 

An excerpt featured in Enemies: the selected collaborations of SJ Fowler (2013) and is now published in it's entirety by Knives, Forks & Spoons press. And you can read more about David's work herehttp://verysmallkitchen.com/ 


1000 Proverbs

The Liverpool Camarade event on Feb 18th 2015 will also serve as the launch for my new collaborative publication, 1000 Proverbs, written with the brilliant Tom Jenks and published by Knives Forks & Spoons press. I've been excited about this for a very long time. Tom and I have read from the work on multiple occasions and every time people seem to enjoy it. It is because he is talented and funny.

Soon the book will be available here: http://www.knivesforksandspoonspress.co.uk/

& you can see some of the many times Tom & I have shared our proverbial wisdom over the last few years here:

The cover is by the artist Theo Kaccoufa.

3 new works from Tim Allen (not the comedian)

Tim Allen, once a vital part of the South West enclave of avant garde poets, based in and around Plymouth with the likes of Philip Kuhn and Hannah Silva, and now based in the North West, is a fantastic and I'd venture deeply underappreciated poet. He's been produced works of high quality for decades, and now has published three significant works in quick succession with the brilliant presses with make the Manchester area scene so unique and productive, and all of whom have been kind enough to support my work. 

Tattered by Magnets is published by Knives forks and spoons http://knivesforksandspoonspress.co.uk/tatteredbymagnet.html
Copyright is published by Dept press http://department3.tumblr.com/post/76865623925/copyright-by-tim-allen
& the carousing duck is published by Zimzalla http://zimzalla.co.uk/

2nd edition of my 1st collection: Red Museum

http://knivesforksandspoonspress.co.uk/redmuseum.html As is the poet's prerogative, this, my first book, was somewhat declaimed by me over the last few years. Coming into this year, it's gotten a little attention and reconsulting it, it suddenly seems to have its own 'value'. Not sure what that is exactly, that it is so big and dense to be a reading challenge, that it maintains its intensity of language...Anyhow, very happy Knives forks and spoons press have gotten to the point where the first print run has gone, and a new one needed doing, with really beautiful production values. It looks better than ever, a lovely thing to receive in the post.

Colin Herd's Glovebox is on its way

http://colinherd.com/books/ How many poets of our time own their universe as Colin Herd owns his? Work so disarming, so true and graceful, and deserving of these moribund superlatives precisely because the poetry is so urbane, personal, and assured. It is an offhand profundity he possesses, and the poems within Glovebox evidence yet again his poignancy, his accuracy and his depth. Encountering this collection I can’t help but recall the reason why Ginsberg, Bukowski and O’Hara are responsible for the ruin of an entire generation of aspiring poets. They wrote with an unerring and deceiving simplicity that was all their own, and was every bit as accessible as it was groundbreaking, and thus could not be imitated. So it is with Colin Herd, and we are better for only being able to watch on in admiration. S J Fowler, author of Fights, Red Museum and Recipes http://www.knivesforksandspoonspress.co.uk/ 

the rumbling on the cliffs for another year of Enemies

Plans are really starting to grow for Enemies year two. Whether or not they come to fruition as I hope they will is another story, but for now, some exciting possibilities developing with Danish, Slovakian, Kiwi, Mexican and maybe Swiss poets, as well as possible partnership with Like Starlings, the Poetry Library, Chelsea college of art, maybe an art writing tour, maybe a Scottish thing. I feel a trenchant need to not stay still in the form and shape of poetry events and project, they have to keep changing and I feel ambitious that 2014 can be a year where this really happens in a groundbreaking way. We'll see. If I'm still in England then I hope it happens. Part of that year will also be a partnership with Knives forks and spoons press, one of the most dynamic publishing initiatives that the UK has ever seen for avant garde poetry. We are lucky to have them around, and the Enemies project is very lucky that they will be publishing 3 to 5 new books around our endeavours.