the rumbling on the cliffs for another year of Enemies

Plans are really starting to grow for Enemies year two. Whether or not they come to fruition as I hope they will is another story, but for now, some exciting possibilities developing with Danish, Slovakian, Kiwi, Mexican and maybe Swiss poets, as well as possible partnership with Like Starlings, the Poetry Library, Chelsea college of art, maybe an art writing tour, maybe a Scottish thing. I feel a trenchant need to not stay still in the form and shape of poetry events and project, they have to keep changing and I feel ambitious that 2014 can be a year where this really happens in a groundbreaking way. We'll see. If I'm still in England then I hope it happens. Part of that year will also be a partnership with Knives forks and spoons press, one of the most dynamic publishing initiatives that the UK has ever seen for avant garde poetry. We are lucky to have them around, and the Enemies project is very lucky that they will be publishing 3 to 5 new books around our endeavours.