Within the parameters of possibility I see my pedagogical practise as cohesive with my artistic output, in that the emphasis would be on the creative act, collaboration, social mediation and circularity. This is opposed to the essentially separate mode of teaching.

As in the creative realm I am interested in community, in historical avant gardes and in a certain discoourse rooted in pragmatism, in knowledge anda discussion toward result and effect, so on the courses and workshops I've been lucky enough to design and facilitate, I have tried to strike a balance between history, analysis, ipinion andalways towards a making or creative, individual reflection.

I am also deeply interested in an awareness of experimental, or non ditational modes of teaching. Teaching that embodies its content and doesnt align participants into necessarily specific groups.

International course, innovative pedagogy.

This is not to say I think this superior to other pedagogical approaches, being very much a neophyte in this field. More I see this as a reflection of my own experiences and preferences as a student, a status I hope to never relinquish in one form or another.

I have taught 3 courses for the Poetry school, led workshops and courses at multiple universities, including Kingston, Edge Hill, Birkbeck, St Martins. The Tate modern. 

I have also taught at Kingston conference, British Library, Southbank, Rest is Noise, Poetry library.

Vanguard lesson notes x5. 2 or 3 paragraphs.

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