Colin Herd's Glovebox is on its way How many poets of our time own their universe as Colin Herd owns his? Work so disarming, so true and graceful, and deserving of these moribund superlatives precisely because the poetry is so urbane, personal, and assured. It is an offhand profundity he possesses, and the poems within Glovebox evidence yet again his poignancy, his accuracy and his depth. Encountering this collection I can’t help but recall the reason why Ginsberg, Bukowski and O’Hara are responsible for the ruin of an entire generation of aspiring poets. They wrote with an unerring and deceiving simplicity that was all their own, and was every bit as accessible as it was groundbreaking, and thus could not be imitated. So it is with Colin Herd, and we are better for only being able to watch on in admiration. S J Fowler, author of Fights, Red Museum and Recipes