A note on: writing an introduction to Volodymyr Bilyk's Heartbeat, Footclick, Machine Gun Vocalises

A privilege to write the introduction to Volodymyr Bilyk's new work out with the brilliant M58 press edited by Jez Noond and Andrew Taylor, based in the UK. It's a hugely important work of avant-garde visual poetry emanating from real purpose and I've scanned (wonkily) my introduction in below. You can buy it here for £5 and I urge you to do so. http://www.m58.co.uk/post/141316776709/heartbeat-footclick-machine-gun-vocalises-by

Samurai: a collaboration with Andy Spragg on Cordite

I'm really excited to be writing an extended work with Andy Spragg. He's one of the most underrated contemporary British poets in my opinion, his work full of rapidity and intensity and complexity. Much to his credit, as is his prolificism. We are writing a book about lordless Samurai, Ronin, or something like that that isn't that 

Miyata encounters the 15 vexations
1. the persistence of the stain after the fact
2. abandoned in the face of an undefined duty
3. loosed footing amongst the chatter.
4. Presently, the earth offers no cloistered respite,