Published: Poem in which a knife bursts a bubble in Poems in Which: Issue 9

Very pleased to have a poem in the brilliant Poems in Which journal, headed up by a committee of really fine poets, a collective edited magazine. This is a great issue too, has work by friends whose work I admire very much, Harry Man, Joe Dunthorne, Ella Frears and many other fine poets. Issue 9 in it's entirety here

& my poem, Poem in which a knife bursts a bubble

Published: 'Tempora' in Test Centre Magazine issue Six

The sixth issue of the remarkable Test Centre magazine has just arrived. An amazing lineup in this issue, as ever, and I'm delighted to have the very first sequence of a new larger work feature in the magazine. I marked this issue in my mind for this work in fact, such is the respect I have for the quality of the magazine and its deserved reputation. It is the first part of a very long poem called Tempora, about surveillance, GCHQ and Edward Snowden I've been working on for the last year or so.

The magazine is £10 and only 250 copies exist, you can pick it up here




Test Centre magazine : issue 5 well pleased to be inside this. my poems wait for you towards the end. they are the end, the buttress, the bookmark, six of them, from my upcoming book {Enthusiasm} which Test Centre are kind enough to be publishing.

The fifth issue of our fiction and poetry magazine, with new work by Test Centre regulars and an exciting selection of contributions from writers published by Test Centre for the first time.

Released in a limited edition of 250 copies, the magazine is A4 and stapled, with cover artwork by A. Selby and H. Dunnell.

Contributors: Sophie Collins, Rachael Allen, Harry Burke, Sam Riviere, Declan Ryan, Patrick Sykes, MC Hyland, Russell Walker, Thurston Moore, Tom Clark, Mark Prince, MacGillivray, Damian Le Bas, Sophie Sleigh-Johnson, Paul Buck, Iain Sinclair, Chris McCabe, Tom Chivers, SJ Fowler.

£8 + p&p. A4. Stab-stapled. 44pp. 250 copies. Cover: A. Selby and H. Dunnell, Untitled, 2014. Printed on Risograph by Studio Operative. Designed by Traven T. Croves.

Test Centre issue 5


The fifth issue of Test Centre's magazine of new fiction and poetry, with contributions by:

Sophie Collins
Rachael Allen
Harry Burke
Sam Riviere
Declan Ryan
Patrick Sykes
MC Hyland
Russell Walker
Thurston Moore
Tom Clark
Mark Prince
Damian Le Bas
Sophie Sleigh-Johnson
Paul Buck
Iain Sinclair
Chris McCabe
Tom Chivers
SJ Fowler

£8 + p&p. A4. Stab-stapled. 44pp. Limited to 250 copies.
Cover: A. Selby and H. Dunnell, Untitled, 2014.
Printed on Risograph by Studio Operative.
Designed by Traven T. Croves.



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Issue #3 of Anglaise Actuelle on Recours au Poeme = James Byrne Delighted to see the third of this translation series I edit up online with Recours au Poeme. This time the brilliant James Byrne.

L'un soupire profondément au téléphone
L'autre verse les sables mouvants de l'assassin
L'un quitte la garnison seul comme une balle
L'autre emplit les tubes blancs de kérosène
L'un est observé de la vitre en frontière
Un autre défend de la noirceur des arbres
L'un trinque avec l'ennemi
Un autre imagine la mort sur une route migratoire
L'un s'acharne sur celui qui est  assis au piano
Un autre s'abrite à l'ombre d'un figuier
- See more at:

Gorse no.2

It is particularly appropriate the 2nd issue of the extraordinarily well edited and well produced Gorse journal should land as I find myself touring island, awaiting its felt in my hands as a heavy lexus draws me from Derry to Galway and Galway to Cork. I'm very happy to have more work in the magazine, this time three of my runic poems, concrete experiments in runology and disjunction.
read all the contents here and buy the journal, it is one of the very best you can, while you can. Dylan Brennan, Lies Van Gasse, Rob Doyle, Alan Cunningham, Susan Tomaselli and many others in there. I hope to hold it in Dublin in just a few days time

la dominate: a collaboration with Ariadne Radi Cor on Cordite

the last of the five collaborations published as part of my feature for Cordite magazine, this work with Ariadne Radi Cor came about from our time together in Venice as part of the Crossing Voices project. She is an incredible artist and filmmaker - a live writer, a calligrapher, a poet. Her speed and tone are very complimentary to my own in their difference and singularity. Im so glad our creative relationship has continued on into this year, and this work, to be published in its full form for an anthology about Crossing Voices is a true collaboration, with a suite of my poems written for the task having been rendered beautiful by Ari's talents.

Gorse issue #1 arrives

This is an extraordinary journal, the production value is breathtaking, removing it from the package it really strikes one as a wholly considered and serious arrival on the avant garde literature scene. It has the feel of something that might be remembered as a moment. Great credit goes to Susan Tomaselli and the team in Dublin, the contributors are all remarkable, but especially nice to be the only poetry in the magazine alongside Colin Herd. 

Huellkurven 2 - bring your guns we will exchange them

I am genuinely excited to be in the magazine Huellkurven. There are very few repositories of sonic art poetry soundwork online which have such a brilliant and considered format, and such a vibrant editorial stamp. I have listened to every work on issue 1, and now to be one of 21 people in issue 2, it is very pleasing. You can also download the whole issue as an album too, and it's edited by a collective out of Vienna. The very finest avant garde sound poetry on display. My piece is a live recording in situe at a modern museum, in their ethnographic gallery, which through found radio and installation noises, as well as responsive, guttural sound poetry aims to ambiguously compliment / satirise / criticise the anesthetised western usage of african sound culture

a poem in the new Belleville Park Pages One of the neatest, sharpest, most decisive publishing projects I've come across in a long time, The Belleville Park pages, coming out of Paris, has a really distinct identity and in its first year of existence, found its way into some amazing stockists. What they're trying to do, a ground up, community model of younger, newer poets, very much open to new people and new work, is admirable, and well executed. Im pleased to be in the last issue of 2013, in the 13th incarnation, with a single poem from Enthusiasm, called Letters to friends. 

Page 13
Mid December
Christmas Gift: Nina Mazodier
Writers: Anita Olivia Koester, Z.W.T. Evans, James Coghill, Matt Appleby, Rufo Quintavalle, Laura Perrem, Zelda Chappel, SJ Fowler, T. Isaac, G

VLAK 4 imminent - contains Camarade texts

The powerhouse publication of avant garde materials is on its way in its 4th guise. Very privileged to be on the editorial board for VLAK, the new issue is just as groundbreaking as the last 3, and the production quality of what is essentially a massive perfect bound shiny tome is always remarkable. I'm happy to say in this issue I've burrowed out a small cave of Camarade texts from the events I've been running over the last few years, with work in there from Philip Terry & Allen Fisher, Tim Atkins & Marcus Slease, Jeff Hilson & Sean Bonney and quite a few others. I've written an intro to the selection, all of which I am very proud to have commissioned as it were. VLAK also has a new website at and forthcoming events are listed at -- if you happen to be in the vicinity of any of these, please do go and support the enterprise.

Full list of contents here see it to believe it, as ever - Notley, Sollers, Berrigan, Kinsella, Armand, Garcia amongst.

from the Secretum Meum with Tim Atkins in Summerstock issue 7

Livestock Editions is pleased as huckleberry pie to announce the release of Summer Stock, Issue 7: UK Poetry Dossier (Available at Curated by Livestock editor Elizabeth Guthrie, this year’s online poetry crop offers exciting explorations & currencies in experimental poetry from the United Kingdom.
Issue 7 features wild woolly bully writing & literary multimedia from these Brit All Stars: Tim Atkins. Sean Bonney. Paul Buck. Becky Cremin. Laura Foster Twigg. Chris Gutkind. Alan Hay. Jeff Hilson. Peter Jaeger. Antony John. Sarah Kelley. David Kelly. Fabian Macpherson. Sophie Mayer. Richard Parker. Jessica Pujol. Nat Raha. Connie Scozzaro. Marcus Slease.  Linus Slug. James Wilkes. Steve Willey. & a collaboration between Steven Fowler & Tim Atkins.
We dedicate this year’s issue to the memory of beloved poet/translator/critic/advisor Anselm Hollo, who passed away earlier this year. Anselm’s life of radical outrider poetry is a shining inspiration to all of us at Livestock. We love you and miss you, Anselm.

Imminent Rattle issue 4 Edited by Jon K. Shaw and Tom Robinson, anyone who follows journals of repute in London will know the quality of the publication. It has the unusual feature of being scrupulously edited and sustainable through sales and distribution. I have had the privilege to feature in issue 2, and in issue 3, collaborating with the photographers Lone Eriksen and Edith Bergfors. Well now in issue four the amazing magazine is letting me userp space with David Kelly to show out the Rasenna collaboration we did early in the year for an exhibition held in Farringdon. This is the papered premiere of a work that will be central to our Mystics collected collaborations book next year and a fine moment between David and I. Issue four will also be available to buy at the launch event on Wednesday 3rd July, to be held downstairs at the Glasshouse Stores pub, Soho (London W1F 9UL) from 19.00. The editors and many of the contributors past and present will be in attendance for an evening of drink and conversation at the convergence of art and writing. All are most welcome.Full details, including a map, here. Here is me reading the poems on a sweltering night in Farringdon, on an evening full of balls, where people were whooping and clapping and got drunk and I nearly beat someone up.