Published: Prism in Gorse: No.5

One of the very best literary magazines in Europe, if not, without hyperbole, the world. The extraordinary Gorse, genuinely cutting new ground in 21st literature has been kind enough to take some of the very first poems from my new sequence about Edward Snowden and GCHQ, entitled Prism. So lovely to be in the journal alongside some wonderful writers and with such production quality. A thanks to Susan Tomaselli and Christodoulos Makris.

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A note on: a World without Words V - January 9th

The last event of the first (and I hope not last) year of a World without Words, which has been curated by Lotje Sodderland, Thomas Duggan and myself. We returned to Apiary Studios, where we began, and hosted artists Sarah Kelly, Christian Patracchini, who both offered powerful, intimate performances, alongside neuroscientist Daniel Margulies, curator and art historian Elena Agudio, and resilience therapist Gillian Bridge. Once again we were fortunate to have a great turnout and feel gratified that our open, eclectic, immersive curatorial approach, to let discussion and performance sit by side by side, to allow technical information blend with avant garde art, seemed to effect people in the best possible way.

Test Centre magazine : issue 5 well pleased to be inside this. my poems wait for you towards the end. they are the end, the buttress, the bookmark, six of them, from my upcoming book {Enthusiasm} which Test Centre are kind enough to be publishing.

The fifth issue of our fiction and poetry magazine, with new work by Test Centre regulars and an exciting selection of contributions from writers published by Test Centre for the first time.

Released in a limited edition of 250 copies, the magazine is A4 and stapled, with cover artwork by A. Selby and H. Dunnell.

Contributors: Sophie Collins, Rachael Allen, Harry Burke, Sam Riviere, Declan Ryan, Patrick Sykes, MC Hyland, Russell Walker, Thurston Moore, Tom Clark, Mark Prince, MacGillivray, Damian Le Bas, Sophie Sleigh-Johnson, Paul Buck, Iain Sinclair, Chris McCabe, Tom Chivers, SJ Fowler.

£8 + p&p. A4. Stab-stapled. 44pp. 250 copies. Cover: A. Selby and H. Dunnell, Untitled, 2014. Printed on Risograph by Studio Operative. Designed by Traven T. Croves.

Test Centre issue 5


The fifth issue of Test Centre's magazine of new fiction and poetry, with contributions by:

Sophie Collins
Rachael Allen
Harry Burke
Sam Riviere
Declan Ryan
Patrick Sykes
MC Hyland
Russell Walker
Thurston Moore
Tom Clark
Mark Prince
Damian Le Bas
Sophie Sleigh-Johnson
Paul Buck
Iain Sinclair
Chris McCabe
Tom Chivers
SJ Fowler

£8 + p&p. A4. Stab-stapled. 44pp. Limited to 250 copies.
Cover: A. Selby and H. Dunnell, Untitled, 2014.
Printed on Risograph by Studio Operative.
Designed by Traven T. Croves.



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SSYK 5 "Having
been away busy defining a new generation of talented poets and things like that, the long-awaited fifth instalment from Stop Sharpening Your Knives is finally here, this time carrying a playful introduction from Mark Waldron.

The series has proved itself as a hotbed of new poetic talent for nearly 10 years, in one form or another, so we have stopped using the word young as much. Stop Sharpening Your Knives 5 is a selection of work from over 30 of the most exciting poets around, some new and some now more established, edited by Emily Berry, Nathan Hamilton, Heather Phillipson, Sam Riviere, and Jack Underwood.

This instalment includes poetry from Emily Toder, Ben Stainton, Heather Phillipson, Laurence O'Dwyer, Lamorna Elmer, Tim Cockburn, Callan Davies, Chrissy Williams, Catherine Woodward, Andrew McMillan, Harry Burke, Mollye Miller, Robert Herbert, Agnes Lehoczky, Nicholas Liu, SJ Fowler, Lydia Searle, Daniel Rooke, Sarah Chapman, Joe Dresner, Sam Riviere, Theodore Best, Charlotte Geater, Emily Berry, Wayne Holloway-Smith, Nathan Hamilton, Sophie Collins, Benjamin M. Nehammer, Andy Spragg, Rachael Allen, Jack Underwood, Ben Pester, Hayley Buckland and Matthew Gregory."