a poem in the new Belleville Park Pages

http://www.bellevilleparkpages.com/ One of the neatest, sharpest, most decisive publishing projects I've come across in a long time, The Belleville Park pages, coming out of Paris, has a really distinct identity and in its first year of existence, found its way into some amazing stockists. http://www.bellevilleparkpages.com/#stockists What they're trying to do, a ground up, community model of younger, newer poets, very much open to new people and new work, is admirable, and well executed. Im pleased to be in the last issue of 2013, in the 13th incarnation, with a single poem from Enthusiasm, called Letters to friends. 

Page 13
Mid December
Christmas Gift: Nina Mazodier
Writers: Anita Olivia Koester, Z.W.T. Evans, James Coghill, Matt Appleby, Rufo Quintavalle, Laura Perrem, Zelda Chappel, SJ Fowler, T. Isaac, G