Upcoming: November 2015 - Events, Performances & Projects

My 'A Language Art' course runs on Monday nights throughout November with sesssions exploring the intersections of avant-garde poetry and modern art in the galleries of Tate Modern and in the Tate stores.

November Wednesday 4th - Pugilistica at Apiary Studios
A chance for me to launch my book Fights, in it's 2nd edition from Veer Books, alongside some amazing journalists, novelists, poets and art historians, all exploring the literature of boxing. www.theenemiesproject.com/pugilistica

November Thursday 5th - Mondo: global avant-garde poetry at Poetry School
A new course at the Poetry School, this time exploring avant-garde movements from Japan, Nigeria, Canada, Brazil and Syria / Iraq. Still a place or two left! Book here

November Friday 6th - Symposium: Pulling Together/Pulling Apart: Forces in Creative Collaboration, OVADA, Oxford
Thanks to artists Brook and Black, I'll have the chance to discuss collaboration at OVADA, alongside Tamarin Norwood and others http://www.ovada.org.uk/arkitektoniske-kramper/

November Saturday 7th - Nemici: an Italian Enemies project at the Rich Mix
A really ambitious Enemies project I'm curating with ten Italian artists and poets visiting London, each writing new collaborations with British poets. I'll be presenting a new work with Alessandro Burbank. Should be special www.theenemiesproject.com/nemici

November Friday 13th - A World without Words IV at the Frontline Club
The fourth event in the series curated by Lotje Sodderland, Thomas Duggan and myself, exploring neuroscience, aphasia, the brain and art, this time at the incredible Frontline Club. With a talk by Barry Smith and anthropological short films from Vincent Moon. http://www.frontlineclub.com/screening-and-discussion-a-world-without-words/

November Saturday 14th - EVP Sessions at Shoreditch Town Hall
Electronic Voice Phenomena hits London once again, I'll be presenting a new commission in full skeleton embodiment, exploring disembodied voice http://shoreditchtownhall.com/theatre-performance/whats-on/event/theEVPsessions

November Sunday 15th - Globe Road walking tour for the Globe Road Festival
Happy to be leading a Sunday morning stroll up Globe Road in the company of Gareth Evans, Elaine Mitchener and the Bohman brothers www.theenemiesproject.com/globeroad

November Wednesday 18th - Soundings III with Maja Jantar at St Johns on Bethnal Green
So excited to collaborate with the incredible Maja Jantar for a new performance as part of the Soundings project with Hubbub at Wellcome Collection responding to prompts from the Wellcome Library. St Johns on Bethnal Green is an amazing venue too. www.stevenjfowler.com/soundings

November Friday 20th - The European Camarade at Freeword Centre
A mini festival of European poetry in collaboration, so pleased to have the chance to curate this night and present a new collaboration with Endre Ruset. Some of these poets are doing the most exciting work in their nations, not to be missed www.theenemiesproject.com/europeancamarade


Interrobang Camarade at the Betsey Trotwood - Saturday 22nd Nov 2014

Very happy to be hosting another Camarade event this saturday evening at the Betsey Trotwood in Farringdon, to round off the Interrobang bookfair held just over the road in the Freeword centre. http://annexemagazine.com/interrobang/
The event starts at 8pm and features seven pairs of poets presenting new collaborations;
Prudence Chamberlain & Eley Williams
Jon Stone & Harry Wooler
Simon Pomery & Cali Dux
Holly Corfield Carr & Zelda Chappel
Gary Budden & Kit Caless
Kirsty Irving & Harry Man
Aki Schilz & Nick Murray

Coming November 22nd the Interrobang Camarade

Im really happy to be curating an upcoming Camarade event with 8 pairs of poets reading new collaborations as part of the evening's entertainment for Nick Murray and Annexe presses extraordinary Interrobang book fair and poetry day http://annexemagazine.com/interrobang at the Freeword in Farringdon. More info to come, but for now, we have confirmed the marvelous: 

Cali Dux & Simon Pomery - Kirsty Irving & Harry Man - Gary Budden & Kit Caless - Jon Stone & Harry Wooler - Prudence Chamberlain & Eley Williams - Nick Murray & Aki Schilz

the Enemies project: Slovakia - the videos

A really beautiful evening was spent at the Freeword centre this past wednesday, to celebrate, for the second year running, the Enemies project's Slovakian poetry project, and luckily for us in London we had Erik Simsik, Maria Ferencuhova and Juliana Sokolova visiting from Bratislava, all on great form both with their individual readings and some amazing collaborative works. So gratifying, after such an intense period, to see such great new works presented before a good audience in a venue I rarely work in. Thanks to the Litcentrum in Slovakia. 

Enemies presents Slovakia : this wednesday Nov 5th at Freeword

The Enemies project presents: Slovakian poetry in collaboration
Wed 5 Nov 2014, 7:00pm, Free entry: The Freeword Centre - Lecture Theatre
For the second year running, The Enemies project presents some of the most exciting contemporary poets from Slovakia collaborating to read original works of avant garde / literary poetry with British contemporaries. Joined by a host of London based poets, this will be a unique night of original European poetry.http://weareenemies.com/slovakiaii.html Featuring:
Erik Simsik & Marcus Slease / Juliana Solokova & Meike Ziervogel /Maria Ferencuhova & Prudence Chamberlain plus Stephen Watts, Fabian Peake, Ollie Evans, Ana Seferovic, Michael Zand & more
Supported by the Centre for Information on Literature in Slovakia & Arts Council England

Nov 5th - Freeword Centre : Enemies Slovakia

The Enemies project presents: Slovakian poetry in collaboration

Wed 5 Nov 2014, 7:00pm
Free Word Lecture Theatre


The Enemies project presents some of the most exciting contemporary poets from Slovakia collaborating to read original works of avant garde / literary poetry with British contemporaries. Joined by a host of London based poets, this will be a unique night of original European poetry. Featuring Erik Simsik & Marcus Slease, Juliana Solokova & Meike Ziervogel, Maria Ferencuhova & Prudence Chamberlain.

Also reading will be Stephen Watts, Ollie Evans, Fabian Peake, Ana Seferovic & many others. Tickets for this event will be available soon.Supported by The Centre for Information on Literature in Slovakia & Arts Council England  https://freewordcentre.com/events/detail/the-enemies-project-presents-slovakian-poetry-in-collaboration

Euro Literature Network & discovering Peirene Press

I had an immense time visiting, and speaking, at the extraordinary Euro Lit network meeting at the Freeword centre, organised by Rosie Goldsmith this past week. Honestly feeling as though, in the best way possible, a lot of my curatorial activities are best served by a singular vision, where collaborations emanate from my approaches, this evening, the brilliance of the other organisers who attended and their generosity of spirit, made me think there is so much to gain from sharing resources and projects and ideas laterally, with those already well established in this field. Rosie Goldsmith is an immense centre to this activity, and I really feel great optimism to what seems the start of many friendships and relationships with people who represent presses, festivals, venues and so forth. http://eurolitnet.wordpress.com/

One of the most distinct, of a very many brilliant presses in attendance (those like Arc I have worked with before), was Peirene press and the work of Meike Ziervogel, whose own work is very interesting (http://www.theguardian.com/books/booksblog/2013/sep/30/not-booker-magda-meike-ziervogel), and who has published Hamid Ismailov amongst a many brilliant others http://www.peirenepress.com/ "Peirene Press is an award-winning boutique publishing house with an extra twist, based in London. We are committed to first class European literature in high quality translation. Our books are beautifully designed paperback editions, using only the best paper from sustainable British sources. Affordable, timeless collector items. And because literature - both reading and writing - can be a lonely affair, Peirene hosts a wide range of regular literary events, from informal coffee mornings to exciting literary salons and tailor-made, exclusive events."

International Translation Day at the British Library

I would honoured to speak at this one day conference / summit / get together of translators and industry professional at the British library on technology, futurology and poetry. It was an embarrassment of riches in terms of the speakers, I actually looked like the child of most of the distinguised peoples in the programme, and I inhabited one of the afternoon breakout seminars with Maya Gabrielle, who is a serious digital programme industry leader, working with the National Theatre and others. She spoke really directly and powerfully about waste and direction in using social media and allowed me to be the good cop really, as I waffled on with my thoughts on the potentiality of the ether for writers, and how the internet is not a tool but a mode, and that its growth is inevitable, its use free and its engagements exponential. It went well, I was able to ramble without notes, feeling quite empassioned, and the people in the full room were knowledgable and positive about my positivity. Robert Sharp mediated us well too. All immensely clever people involved, and great to see friends like Dan Gorman, Sarah Hesketh, Alexandra Buchler amongst new connections I will no doubt benefit from meeting. Also to speak at the British Library is a proud first.