A note on: beginning production on Land of Scoundrels, new theatre at Rich Mix

I'm to write a new short play, called Mayakovsky, as part of a night of theatre at Rich Mix, commissioned for their Revolution 17 season, on the centenary of the Russian Revolution. It will be staged with an amazing set design by Thomas Duggan, who has designed for Vesterport's theatre's Faust recently amongst other things, and placed alongside new works by Austrian playwright Petra Freimund and Larry Lynch, who often works for the Belarus Free Theatre. We began our production proper this week and already the project is inspiring, I'm learning immensely from the experience of these three deeply intelligent people. Actors will be cast soon, a score written, and then we'll build to June 9th 10th 11th, which will be intense. www.stevenjfowler.com/mayakovsky

reading at Clare Saponia's launch - April 10th at the Poetry Cafe

I was very pleased to be asked to be one of many reading works from Clare Saponia's new book The Oranges of Revolution (Smokestack Books) 

It's launched Friday 10th April at The Poetry Café, 22 Betterton Street, London, WC2H 9BX. Doors open 7.30pm/ Kick-off 8pm. £3 on the door. 


poem for Revolve:R

http://www.revolve-r.com/index.php/poetical-response/revolve1/ An amazing project to be involved in, I'm one of only two poets capturing the overturning flow of a mass of brilliant artists, a true narrative collaborative project, very original and dynamic. 

"Revolve:R is a project in visual correspondence, by Sam Treadaway and Ricarda Vidal, in collaboration with a number of international artists, writers, and curators based throughout Europe, Africa and the U.S.A. Revolve:R culminates in the publication of hand-made limited edition bookworks and giclée prints. The project explores the possibilities of an exchange of ideas via a visual and tactile, rather than virtual, form of communication. Each cycle of the project we call a Revolve. After six Revolves the work is published as a limited edition bookwork. As site and source of collaborative experimentation for diverse artistic practices, Revolve:R is a vehicle for a new collective language, made physical in the shape of the Revolve:R bookwork."

ever an under, there will always be an under
so it is not worthy
of us
to pour over
what other information could you seek?
to race to the seat? to be so small
you are under
Heckler & Koch / Sig Sauer / Steyr Aug
the ball bearing
not a single one revolving but mag loading
the 15 caps in the Glock each represent
images ...