a new collaboration with William Letford: Oil - on Cordite

http://cordite.org.au/poetry/collaboration/oil/ {click to read the poem in its entirety} such a pleasure to write with Billy, this poem took part in the Auld Enemies project, and we wrote it out on tour, it really growing into something I think is really considered and genuinely collaborative in its theme and style and exchanges. You can see us read it below.

poetry of a man with no legs whose only
wy to making were pulling things from
out of the sea, a cough too that lingered
won’t leave, spitting black hank into a
banana peel

bell nipple, big bear, blow out, cold vent
core sample, drill sting, the floorhand
ran these words over his tongue, and felt
metal in his mouth. (Fish: any object
unintentionally dropped into the wellbore)
The floorhand spat into the wellbore. 

the bear named for a terror
oil caked put still at the praising lids
not even a hair to wash his hands
when men in swarms part for another’s
entry on an oil rig, son, you know he were
a hard man