Auld Enemies diary - Glasgow

The days I get to have free in Edinburgh, my third visit in a year, getting deeper into a relationship with the place, we are based here until we leave for the proper North. The reading in Glasgow is a co-habitation with the Fail Better series run by Henry Bell. Can't tell it's vibe, raucous I'd say, as is the expectation (perhaps unfairly) for the city in general. It's in a noisey pub, but it suits, the audience is partially drunk, but Ryan is hosting (we alternate) and I just relax, reading first with nick-e melville, a collaboration I love reading as I loved writing. Some amazing work, high high energy, Calum Rodger, Anthony Autumn, Katy Hastie, Graeme Smith, real highlights, high standard. Getting trains together now, just starting to laugh most of the time we're not reading or writing together. My first ever reading in Glasgow in fact, auspicious first time.
Auld Enemies Glasgow
SJ Fowler & nick-e melville
Neil Davidson & Thomas Betteridge
Iyad Hayatleh & Nalini Paul
Jim Ferguson & Ellen McAteer
Ryan Van Winkle & Ross Sutherland
Katy Hastie & Graeme Smith
William Letford & Colin Herd
Calum Rodger & Anthony Autumn