Auld Enemies diary - Aberdeen

I for one had a brilliant few days in Aberdeen, the imposition of the architecture, the clear city beneath the city, the windswept drama of the weather, the endless microcosms of humour and local culture, and the underbellies of that - finding great bookshops, trawling the long, almost uninhabited beaches, the funfair. I found it to be a strange place, and all the better for my experience, taking plenty of time as I did, to explore by myself, to walk and to read. Our hosts were very gracious and we read in cellar 35, below a pub, green lit like a David Lynch film. The idiosyncratic nature of the readings, and the atmosphere, uniformly warm but quixotic, added yet another look to our rapidly expanding tour. 
Auld Enemies: Aberdeen
SJ Fowler & William Letford
Keith Murray
Gerard Rochford & Richie Brown
Colin Herd & Ryan Van Winkle
Maureen Ross & Catriona Yule
Haworth Hodgkinson & Bernard Briggs
nick-e melville & Ross Sutherland