2 Incidents of Anti-Semitism in the Bohemyth

http://thebohemyth.com/ A real powerful magazine surge of poetry from Ireland at the moment. The Honest Ulsterman, Gorse and the Bohemyth on the spear point, and the relaunch issue of the latter carries with it two of my Incidents of Anti-Semitism poems. This book, the Incidents of Anti-Semitism, is probably my most intensive engagement with writing so far, took me years to write, whittling down hundreds of poems, all ostensibly aiming to engage with paradoxical and unreachable notions of anti-semitism in the UK and in Europe, hoping to be a work that shows through that experimentation in form is necessary when correctly employed. A few have appeared in the Other Room anthology and VLAK but by and large I've kept them hidden as they were due out as a collection but that got held up. Bit by bit I'm going to let them out into the world in 2014, hoping the book comes out in the next few years. Anyway, check out the new Bohemyth, and be sure to look up the work of Darran Anderson and Kim Campanello in the issue, amazing writers. http://thebohemyth.com/2013/12/07/steven-j-fowler/