Portobello road pop up shop reading

This was a really enjoyable, relaxing afternoon visit to the Portobello road pop up shop run by Charles Boyle and Todd Swift of CB editions and Eyewear publishing respectively. Charles was very charming, and the books he produces are genuinely beautiful objects. I felt very much a west london poet at home in his presence. Some of the work he has put out, to be found here http://www.cbeditions.com/ is quite iconic and brilliant - Bursa, Apollinaire, Josipivici, amongst others, including this http://www.cbeditions.com/ponge.html which I simply couldn't leave without having. The nature of the enterprise, quite an adventurous one, to stake up a shop full of poetry in the middle of Portobello, meant that passing traffic was not as forthcoming as one would've hoped but the reading was still very much worthwhile and it's always nice to spend sometime in the company of Michael Horovitz, who was as charming as ever.