Museum of death & an interview with Jack Little at Ofi press

The Mexico based journal Ofi press has published the first part of my collaboration with the photographer Alex Kell, due out this summer, the Museum of death

wife; lunatic
until moonlit
then, a dwarf
of melody
a celestial harmony
thus, a debut
in the unter

Alongside this work, the editor Jack Little, has interviewed me for the site

3. Is poetry flourishing today?

Hard to know and of course it depends on each individuals perception. I would say in general probably not, but that isn’t a bad thing necessarily. Perhaps I should only speak for England, or even London. I would say if poetry isn’t flourishing, it is doing poets as much of a service as a disservice.....

This is a genuinely exciting enterprise from Jack Little, a journal that is bringing together some genuinely exciting work from across the globe and really creating a hub for an exploration of contemporary Mexican poetry in and out of that country.