Species published by Sand: Berlin's English language journal

Really proud to feature again in SAND, it's one of the best quaility journals in Europe and to have ties with the Berlin literary scene is important to me. You can see the contents, where the issue is sold and other stuff here http://sandjournal.com/issues The poems included this time are a meditation on species of bears.

all bears today have descended from a common ancestor known Ursavus or ‘dawn bear’. This animal, which lived about 20 million years ago, was about the size of a small terrier.
Bernd Brunner
i.                    Ursus Arctos
blonde bear
so populous to be popular
& if blackened, silver tipped
watch for the large hump
of muscle, if you see its worry
you are likely food

ii.                  Ursus Maritinus
give of thy hands
to measure its awful size!
creampuff or fat white its blubber ...........