wolves in chernobyl - featured artist on Counterexample poetics


April 26th 1986


but even apart from our wood
I do not know how one should say
things in the dark have colour

will the wise do things,
things that are forbidden,
knowing it won’t be found out?
a simple answer isn’t easy to find
but freedom from trouble in the thing
and from pain in the thing
are still in the pleasure,
but joy in the thing, and exultation,
are considered, involving motion.


all the day
life in the town goes on as normal
families shop and walk their dogs
fisherman lug their tackle off to the Prypyat river
couples sunbath around the cooling ponds
football matches go ahead
as do sixteen outdoor weddings
sponsored by the communist youth league


{such a pleasure to be featured in the remarkable journal Counterexample Poetics, edited by Felino Soriano, one of the most prolific and sophisticated poets in the US. The site has a special section called featured artists, where these poems are housed}