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293 pages / £11.99 / October 2019.

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My most ambitious book, nearly 300 pages of collaborations, in text, fiction, poetry, music, photography, film, sculpture, performance and everything in between. The book is a testament to what I’ve tried to do with a base in poetry and an ambition to learn and grow as an artist through the brilliance of others. It is a really special volume, wonderfully supported by Haverthorn Press, who have rendered the huge volume of works into a beautiful, cohesive tome.

From the publisher “No poet-artist has ever explored the potentials of multidisciplinary collaboration as thoroughly as SJ Fowler and Nemeses is a landmark publication evidencing that exploration. The book brings together over 50 collaborations and collaborators, placing poems and prose alongside musical scores, diaries, sculptures, films, photographs, scripts and more. It explores not only the grand potential for collaboration as an innovative, generative, playful and profound practise, but also aims to expand what is possible when sharing the live upon the page.”

The book includes the following collaborations and collaborators :

  • Your flowers won’t grow or... with Karen Sandhu

  • The Best Poet Award with Max Höfler

  • Myth of the Mole with Max Porter

  • Soundings with Phil Minton

  • Subcritical Tests with Ailbhe Darcy

  • Returnings with David Rickard

  • It Is What Is Love / It Is What Is Hate with Rike Scheffler

  • Iceland with Joe Dunthorne

  • The Gold Nanorod and The Silk Fibroin with Thomas Duggan

  • Oberwilding with Colin Herd

  • Animal Drums with Joshua Alexander

  • Animal Drums (Prompt Note) with Iain Sinclair

  • Stalker with Harry Man

  • Beastings with Diamanda Dramm

  • A Soul Referendum with Iris Colomb

  • Funicular with Luke Kennard

  • The Next Step with Fabian Faltin

  • The Irish Character Study with Billy Ramsell

  • House of Frens with Alexander Kell

  • House of Mouse with Prudence Bussey-Chamberlain

  • Parasites of the Symbiocene with Joe Turrent

  • Worm Wood with Tereza Stehlikova

  • The Bleeding Eyes with Eley Williams

  • Hannah Fought with Nathan Walker

  • The Waterwalk with Krišjānis Zeļģis

  • The Sparrow Egg in a Chocolate Nest with Shimon Adaf

  • The Singing Bridge with Claudia Molitor

  • Lunalia with Maja Jantar

  • 133 Proverbs with Tom Jenks

  • The 7th Poet with John Hall

  • Enthusiasm with Noah Hutton

  • {Insert Meaning Here} with Morten Langeland

  • Detonations with Yekta

  • The New War Machine with Christodoulos Makris

  • The Venetian Poems with Ariadne Radi Cor

  • Neprijatelji : a group poem made in Croatia

  • An Infinite Family a group poem made in Argentina

  • Forty Feet with David Berridge

  • Ibunka with Zuzana Husarova

  • We Could Try with Pauli Tapio

  • Constellations with Rebecca Kamen

  • Bristol with Patrick Coyle

  • Adventures in Metaphysical Translation with Robert Prosser

  • The Night-Time Economy with Kate Mercer

  • I’m Picking Heads of People with Ausra Kaziliunaite

  • When the Rules Keep Changing with Camilla Nelson

  • Open Mouth Surgery with Morten Sondergaard

On the book : It is always in compiling Nemeses that I really realised how many collaborations I have undertaken in the five year period the book covers. It presents excerpts of full collections alongside works made specifically for Nemeses. It draws from full feature films, exhibitions, commissions, installations and poems made for performances around the world. The book is finished with an essay which details, in basic terms, how it was constructed and what my thinking has become around poetry and collaboration.

Nemeses : book launch I - St Johns on Bethnal Green, London
October Saturday 26th 2019

A poetry book launch like no other. Nemeses was launched at the remarkable gothic St John on Bethnal church, on a windswept night of poetic performance and shenanigans. I read with nearly ten collaborators, performing works from the book Nemeses, or presenting performances that related to the printed collaborations, or that toyed with the context of the reading, the concept of a poetry event and improvisation. The evening's readings was revealed like a meta-play, led by anti-host Harry Man, and so accumulated its full effect (disappointment) over the entire night, hence the deliberate intervention of the host about each duo reading. I read with SJ Fowler and Joe Dunthorne, Eley Williams, Ailbhe Darcy, Luke Kennard, Prudence Chamberlain, Karen Sandhu and Harry Man

GORSE publish my opening comments to how NEMESES was rendered : Oct 23rd 2019

“The relationship between the static and the live is akin to the relationship between the heard word and the read word. It’s similar even to that which is experienced and that which is remembered. Obvious as this may be, a hierarchy in the language arts of poetry, fiction and text in general, favours the written over spoken. Marks upon the paper are the dominant article because of their possible permanence, and their fixed place in time. The sounds or experiences are secondary. I’m understating the issue, historically and philosophically, to make my first explanatory apology……………………………”


HOTEL publish my collaboration with Joseph Turrent, taken from NEMESES : Oct 21st 2019 (it contains my obituary)

PENIS-EATING LOUSE : The penis-eating louse enters male humans, typically aged 18-39, through the anus. It severs the blood vessels in the prostate gland, causing the erectile tissue to fall off. It then attaches itself to the remaining stub of the penis and extracts blood through the claws on its front [clarification needed] causing the penis to atrophy from lack of blood. The parasite then replaces the penis by attaching its own body to the pubic bone. It appears that the parasite does not cause much other damage to the host, but it has been reported by Lanzing and O’Connor (2074) that infested men with two or more of the parasites are usually underweight. Once the parasite replaces the penis, some feed on the host's blood and many others feed on human mucus.


POETRY MAGAZINE publish my collaboration with Max Porter, taken from NEMESES : Oct 1st 2019

I say mole, I mean Sharpe, Sean Bean as Sharpe, I mean people are dying while you go full-bore Cockerhoop. I mean it wasn’t like that when I was around, when I was younger. I mean a certain kind of touch, of look. I mean a freedom pass. I mean blindness to the estate. I mean, have you been in prisons, lately? They don’t really. I mean you aren’t talking of who fixes what you’re using?

There’s an audio recording available free online too, of Max and I reading the poem