A note on : Launching Nemeses at St John on Bethnal Green

I am well aware that no one will, but these performances are best watched in order, in their entirety. This is because this launch was really a kind of meta-play. It was a performance in the fuller sense, that I was messing with the audience through my collaborator Harry Man, who played an anti-host, who thought I was messing with him, who then messed with the other generous collaborators. The levels of messing, duckery, grew throughout the night, as a series of minor legit disasters built a paradoxical victory. I very very much enjoyed doing it, anyway. Each performance was grand to do, so much was improvised around plans. The texts worked out and to work with friends like this, its satisfying.

Basically I read with seven collaborations to launch my selected collaborations, NEMESES, which is absolutely beautiful. The book is so beautiful, Andrew Wells and Haverthorn have done an amazing job. And we were in an amazing gothic east london church during a rainstorm.