A note on : Poem Brut at Rich Mix #6 - November 9th

7.30pm - Free Entry - 35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, Shoreditch, London E1 6LA = www.poembrut.com/richmix

New performances and commissions by Kathy Pendrill, Richard Marshall, Jacqueline Ennis Cole, Khaled Hakim, Lizzy Turner, Paul Hawkins, Martin Wakefield, Mischa Foster Poole, Saradha Soobrayen, SJ Fowler and Lisa Alexander.


Poem Brut explores the fundamental and innovative potential of what a live poem might be. It asks poets, writers and artists, working in their own traditions, to present new works, made for the night, as performance. These live poems might explore language against space, time, mess, colour, writing, speaking and moving. We aim to expand and embrace what a poem might be by exploring how the mind formulates the writing arts, engaging neurodiverse poets alongside those simply pushing against the walls of traditional literature.

The event will see the launch of Martin Wakefield’s Zugunruhe from Hesterglock Press alongside a launch for SJ Fowler’s selected collaborations 2014-2019 : Nemeses, from Haverthorn Press

In 2020, as Poem Brut enters it’s third phase, a new series of commissions will define the project, aiming to provide some of the UK’s most original poet-artists the opportunity to develop new pieces of work. Thanks to the Serendip Studio and Arts Council England, these commissions will not only explore the possibility of the handmade to create new ways to making, sharing, presenting and understanding literature, but will increasingly explore how our minds operate, and how our brains shape our writing and reading and performing and listening, and understanding. Poem Brut as an exploration of neuropoetics. The commissions are as open to the poets in form as they are in content. They support time for making, thinking, teaching or sharing. More to be announced in 2020 www.poembrut.com/commissions