Berlin Poesiefest 2015

Though I have had the privilege to present my work a few times in Berlin, the first time reading & presenting at the Berlin Poesiefest was an intense experience. I had the chance to stay for nearly a week thanks to the festival and the time in the city, as is often the case – that is the process of being there, rather than the work I presented – will be the enduring legacy of my participation. I had the opportunity to turn acquaintances into friendships, and to make many acquaintances which will become friendships, with people who had travelled from across the world.

I presented a keynote on collaboration, in a colloquium which featured Cia Rinne, Ricardo Domeneck, Kenneth Goldsmith and others, over a four hour session. I laid out the principles behind the Enemies project, engaged in a few discussions and then ripped up another of my books to give to the audience, and ask them to read back to me. A privilege to be there and share my ideas with such a discerning audience.

Anglaise Actuelle - a new series of Vanguard poets in French for Recours au Poeme

Announcing a new series for the remarkable French journal, Recours au Poeme, launched for the 100th issue of the magazine, anglaise actuelle will feature a series of British experimental poets translated into French by Marilyne Bertoncini. The first instalment of AA is the great Allen Fisher. Lots more to come

Un regard sur la poésie anglaise actuelle (1). Allen Fisher, présenté et traduit par Steven J. Fowler et Marilyne Bertoncini

Confiée au jeune poète et animateur de la revue 3AM magazine, Steven J. Fowler, en collaboration avec Marilyne Bertoncini, cette chronique vise à faire découvrir des poètes anglais actuels aux lecteurs français de Recours au Poème. - See more at: