Published: poems in Romanian in latest Zona Noua

Zona Noua is a perfect example of a new generation of European organisations that are utilising the potential of a new kind of internationalism, through travel ease and technology. Remarkably young, efficient and connected, they are uniquely aware of the trends and movements that surround them, from their base in Sibiu Romania. They run a festival, but also a journal, and in the latest edition, entitled Nine Ways of Looking at a Blackbird, there is a British focus. A series of my poems have been translated into Romanian (amazingly for the fifth time), some of my latest work and a selection from books past. The journal is beautiful, replete with illustrations, wonderfully produced and generously edited. If you read Romanian or are interested in a new European poetry, check out

Thanks to Catalina Stanislav for the invitation, and the translations, along with Vlad Pojoga.