A note on - visiting the La Voix Liberee exhibition at Palais de Tokyo

Well it’s pretty spiffy to be part of a group show at Palais de Tokyo, Paris. Maybe the top institute Ive been involved with exhibition wise, certainly up there with V&A et al. It was cool to be there in person and listen to sound proper sounds and duke about paris like a proper artiste https://www.palaisdetokyo.com/fr/evenement/la-voix-liberee

Fondazione Bonotto presents a new exhibition project in collaboration with Palais de Tokyo. As the result of research lasting over a year, the exhibition has been conceived as a non- exhaustive journey through sound poetry, from the end of the Second World War until contemporary developments. Intentionally trans-historical and international, representing over thirty countries covering all five continents, this project has been conceived as a place to be listened in, a transmitter creating a frequency that passes outside the walls of Palais de Tokyo thanks to an application providing an open, free-of-charge download of the exhibition’s sound programme, as well as a multitude of sites, radio stations or reviews which will extend this experience of sound poetry during the entire spring of 2019. / In the 20th century, phonetic and then sound poetry always stood as an act of emancipation. Sometimes ready to abandon semantics, the avant-garde turned it into a spearhead of a struggle against systems, beliefs and dogmas. What is now left of their heroic combats? Myths and legends. But times have changed. Combats too. Utopias no longer have the same look. / New technologies have now invaded the space of language, for the better or the worst. For the worst, by imposing a digital rationalisation of words and sounds. For the best, by providing language with an infinity of sources and tools. Since the 1950s, technological progress has allowed phonetic poetry to become sound poetry. https://www.fondazionebonotto.org/en/news/1-events/164-la_voix_lib_re_e_-_po_sie_sonore.html