A note on - BatBox Dancing : Battalion anthology launch

This was a charming evening in the Westminster Ref Library just next to Leicester Sq to celebrate the launch of the Battalion anthology from Sidekick Books. It’s a beautiful book and Sidekick are a really original, enthusiastic and purposefully innovative publisher. They should be celebrated more, we would miss them were they not active, Kirsten Irving and Jon Stone.


You can buy the book here http://sidekickbooks.com/booklab/books/battalion/ Do buy it, it’s really beautiful. The bat is a liminal thing, and goes by many cultural identities: aviation expert, clandestine committee member, victim of superstition, delicate contraption, beautiful mishap, miniature aristocrat, occultist, conjuror, ninja.

Battalion is your alternative, unregistered guide to bats – a live, writhy cave colony of findings, fixations and sonic experiments. Add your own inky skitterings to the mix, bring it on your evening flit. Take after its denizens: open your mouth and listen to the sky.

For my performance for this night I decided to continue a new series of live works using a Black Box Speaker and some Dancing. I first emerged from behind book shelves and read, hooded, to bat squeaks. I didnt realise how dark this seemed, it was meant to be funny. But luckily I had the song Echolocation in my bag and made a bat fool of myself. / It was good to see some other brilliant performers too, Andre Bagoo, Yvonne Litschel, James Coghill et al also