A note on : The Streetcake Magazine prize and free workshop in London (May 29th)

Nice to have been invited by Nikki Dudley and Trini Decombe to be a judge for the upcoming debut prize for experimental poetry and fiction, connected to their magazine, Streetcake. https://www.streetcakemagazine.com/streetcakeprize.html

Streetcake actually published me in my first year of writing, 2010 I think, and so how gratifying to be asked to be a judge for under a decade later. Nikki and are as open and industrious to new work and new ways of working in literature as I try to be, so it’s great to be involved with the endeavour, which feels really purposeful (though not necessary as prizes are perhaps weevil).

The submission period will be open from March 4th 2019 and close on 14th June 2019. There will be two age bands (18-21 and 22-26) in each category of short fiction and poetry, but go the link for more

Whitechapel Idea Store on 29th May (1:30-3pm) workshop

connected to the project, completely free and open for all, with a focus towards to those new to poetry, or to avant garde poetry, I suppose (though not necessarily).

The content will be multi-methological, built around four experiments / exercises that aim to explore how context can inform (if not emancipate / elucidate) content. Participants will be asked to create a poem using OULIPPEAN constraint based methodsbefore putting this poem through four iterations / versions / translations / drafts that engage with asemic / pansemic writing, visual / concrete poetry and sound poetry. These processes, lightly done, playfully explored, will be used as a means to discuss the history of these traditions and the reasoning behind them.