Performance #9 -  I am a puppet, the bear is real

My reading in Ireland featured a bear, who castigated me for reading and not performing, and told me some truths I needed to hear, and then a poem I had written that day, which listed out most of the poets who had been a part of the festival. A small snippet of the text below :

how like Maja Jantar to bring nobility back leaning forcing dignity back into the act of screaming at you

how like Fabian Faltin to bankwit, to make thorough masculinity as important too, you bibbles

how like Vilde Valerie Bjerke Torset to awake a night goat on fire who hits plastic cups with old men and destroys oranges

how like Han Smith to pigeon queen with feral one legged rubber message

how like Léonce Lupette to soul giant with a head of hair made of Drinking blood

how like Ida Börjel to ask me to choke her on stage without any warning whatsoever

how like Olga Stehlíková to be eyes alive all times and love audio video with winky pause

how like Inga Pizane to make everyother ape like mean while giving me chocolate truffles, thanks and on……………..