A note on: Leaving-your-own-Continent Camarade at Gulbenkian, Canterbury

Thursday 28th March 2019 : The leaving-our-own-continent Camarade 
Gulbenkian Café / Gulbenkian, University Of Kent, Canterbury CT2 7NB 
7.30pm - Ticket Prices: £5 thegulbenkian.co.uk/event/an-evening-of-european-poetry 

Dynamic, innovative, collaborative poetry from over a dozen European and British poets, marking the night when the UK officially, hypothetically, leaves it’s own continent. New works, made in pairs by these poets, both local to Kent and visiting from across Europe, will be performed just for this night. A unique celebration of the possibilities of collaboration and contemporary poetry aiming to alleviate, however briefly, the malaise of brexit. The event will feature Serena Braida & Stephen Emmerson / Simon Nastac & Lucy Harvest Clarke / Dragan Todorovic &  Bob Tsukada Bright / Theo Chiotis & Dorothy Lehane / Astra Papachristodoulos & Michał Piotrowski / SJ Fowler & Iris Colombwww.europeanpoetryfestival.com/gulbenkian