A note on: Tyrant Hotel audio magazine, a poem and a poem about my film (by iain sinclair)


This is a really considerable representation of what my film The Animal Drums is about. It is beautifully mixed too, something going on here, music and poetry synthed and lapped and smothered. It’s a grand work in and of itself, and it means a lot for the film to keep life through these offshoots from its core.

Iain wrote this poem after watching the film a few times over and read it live at the whitechapel gallery at the premiere. It was pretty stunning to hear, unexpected. For it to be kept and captured here is special somehow. All thanks to dominic jaeckle for his work here, really he is making hotel into something magical and considerable

Notes on the Readings [†] Sinclair’s ‘Prompt Note’ was read in lieu of an introduction to the premiere of Joshua Alexander and SJ Fowler’s motion picture Animal Drums; the screening took place at the Whitechapel Gallery, London, on December 13th, 2018. Fowler’s poem ‘Animal Drums’ is also featured in the film. Both works appear in the recently published Hotel #5