Published : Nemesia #7 on Wazogate with Patrick Savolainen


Very happy the 7th of my series of new european collaborative poems published by spanish online interface magicland has emerged. Written with the swiss poet Patrick Savolainen

Do you journey for work, or for leisure?
You think, inevitably, about how simple the world would be if you could separate the two.
And then it occurs to you
you no longer know what the latter means.
Leisure. It sounds menacing to you now.
A concept with faint smells of totalitarianism.
But what you don’t know is you’re thinking that because you are a soft blurt.
A moaner.
You have read too much and been pampered so hard that you no longer realise how easy your breakfast is.
What gradually burns your throat is a lozenge of love of others. To most.
Your weather is patient, your pressure is light.
Your frog plays fair with the whims of small farmers and other peasants.
Your barely know what work means, so how could you understand leisure?

Do you, A, journey inward
or B, keep pretending, as you munch your pills, this is all working out for you