A note on : Worm Wood with tereza stehlikova


Into our fifth year of collaboration, Tereza Stehlikova and I will be screening our film WORM WOOD at the end of January 2020 at Whitechapel Gallery cinema. In light of that we are filming plenty now. http://www.stevenjfowler.com/wormwood

Began in 2015, Worm Wood has taken in publication, exhibition, event and the film, but really its about our collaboration and the levels on which that operates as something of a friendship expression / pedagogy / open method. We have just improvised our way, without end goal, without conclusion in mind or narrative, for years.

I suppose its about the industrial and reclusive landscapes of these areas of London, a place that is not obsessed with itself. And how they are changing as the massive new old oak development has come in and begins to grow and terraform a beautiful ugly place into something ugly ugly new plastic shiny glass and valuable.

Tereza wrote a typically elegant piece on our latest filming day also on our site https://cinestheticfeasts.com/2019/11/04/wormwood-car-giant/

“It’s a Sunday, a rainy afternoon in November. Rather than a Sunday roast, Steve and I opt for roaming the liminal landscapes of Willesden Junction, our old trusted friend. It’s unpretentious spirit offers us great sense of solitude, with no pressure to know what we want, be goal oriented, be professional. Here we are, free.

It’s a year 2019 already, and back in the Car Giant’s territories, Steve and I have been fortunate to discover the entrance into the otherworldly Giant’s Diner. What joy! Steve appears ecstatic as he rushes into the doorway!

I follow him eagerly up the glowing staircase, a ship about to be launched into space. Soon enough, having entered what could be a new Punchdrunk set, I expect alternative realities behind every door. The universe here is plastic, blue, resembling the anonymous non-places of ferries, airports and train stations. Where are we sailing off to?”