Revolve:R - edition 2: pre-order to support!

The amazing Revolve:R project are currently raising funds in order to publish Revolve:R, edition two, a collaborative project produced by dialogue between artists, writers and filmmakers from the U.K.Europe, South Africa and the U.S.A. To raise these funds they are inviting support of their publication by pre-ordering the bookwork (50% off RRP) and/or limited edition prints. You can back the project from £6 upwards and your support will be invaluable in enabling to raise the funds needed for publication costs. All supporters will be credited as a supporter of the project within the publication (unless you say otherwise). #The first 25 copies of the bookwork pre-ordered will also receive a mystery limited edition giclée print#.Options to support the publication of Revolve:R, edition two can be found here:

I'm chuffed to have poems included, unpublished elsewhere and written specifically for the project, in response to the myriad of artworks which make up edition. My poem Billy Meat, for the project has just had a filmmaker create a new work in response to it - Billy goes Mad, by Daniel Smedley

About Revolve:R: Based on visual correspondence, Revolve:R is a collaboration exploring the exchange of ideas via physical and tactile forms of communication the project results in the publication of limited-edition book-works, giclée prints, poetry and short films. Resulting artworks are presented in print, online, and at events and exhibitions. Revolve:R extends beyond national, linguistic and disciplinary boundaries with a strong collaborative ethos which initiates and develops networks between local, national and international arts communities. The Revolve:R project is active in supporting early and mid-career artists through the publication, exhibitions and promotion of their work and practice.

Revolve:R edition two: Works by: Alastair Whitton (SA), Ricarda Vidal (UK), Linnea Vedder (USA), Sam Treadaway (UK), Laura Santamaria (IT), David Shillinglaw (UK), Kate Street (UK), Clare Thornton (UK), Solveig Settemsdal (UK), Daniel Smedly, (UK), Matt Rowe (UK), Pietro Reviglio (IT), James Rigler (UK), Bernd Reichert (B), Rammatik(FO), Juneau Projects (UK), One Five West (UK), Domingo Martinez (ES), John Matthias (UK), Anna Mace (UK), Julie McCalden (UK), Sharon Kivland (F), Hayden Kays (UK), Peter Hoiss (AT), Alice Hendy (UK), Verena Hägler (G), Patrick Galway (UK), Steven Fowler (UK), Stephanie Douet (UK), Todd DiCiurcio (USA), Emma Cocker 
(UK), Anna Cady (UK), Richard Broomhall (UK), Oscar Bandtlow (UK), Maria Anastassiou (CY), Diana Ali (UK).