Revolve:R exhibition in Lugano, Switzerland

I'm a very small part of this group exhibition in Switzerland with some poetry of mine included in the remarkable Revolve:R collaborative project led by Ricarda Vidal and Sam Treadaway. 

"Focus: “Revolve:R”
Revolve:R is a project in visual correspondence, by Sam Treadaway and Ricarda Vidal, in collaboration with a number of international artists, writers, and curators.
Revolve:R culminates in the publication of hand-made limited edition bookworks and giclée prints.
The project explores the possibilities of an exchange of ideas via a visual and tactile, rather than virtual, form of communication. Each cycle of the project we call a Revolve. After six Revolves the work is published as a limited edition bookwork.

Edition one, inspired by chaos theory, was initiated in late 2011 and published in 2013. The second edition will be published in early 2015.

Edition Two. Works by: Alastair Whitton, Ricarda Vidal, Linnea Vedder, Sam Treadaway, Kate Street, Clare Thornton, Emily Speed, Solveig Settemsdal, Matt Rowe, James Rigler, Bernd Reichert, Domingo Martínez, John Matthias, Anna Mace, Antun Maračić, Julie McCaldon, Sharon Kivland, Hayden Kays, Alice Hendy, Verena Hägler, Patrick Galway, Steven Fowler, Stephanie Douet, Todd DiCiurcio, Emma Cocker, Anna Cady, Oscar Bandtlow, Diana Ali, plus special guests."