Kristiina Ehin - Walker on Water

Having just returned from Estonia, I can vouch for the health of the poetry scene, for a nation without a massive population, the poetry sales, and the reception the country gives to its poets is exceptional. At the forefront of 21st century Estonian poetry is Kristiina Ehin. I became familiar with her work many years ago, editing a selection of contemporary Estonian poets for a journal in the UK, and her global success is well deserved - her poise and invention, and her presence on the page, her clear voice, is exceptional and sustained. Her translator too, Ilmar Lehtpere, has been a wonderful contact to have, one of the finest in Europe by all accounts, and I had the chance to meet them both at the 2012 Poetry Parnassus festival in London. Kristiina has a new book being released in the US with unnamed press, Walker on the Water, which draws from the aspects of her work that deal with fables and folktales, readjusted for her own, contemporary poetic vernacular.