Ahsan Akbar talks 21st century British poetry in the Dhaka tribune

I had to pleasure or corresponding with Ahsan Akbar recently over an article he was penning for the Dhaka Tribune about contemporary British poetry and the trends, or lack of, that define this moment in poetry when Im about and abounding. It's a really fine article, and Ahsan was kind enough to use a little fragment of my Recipes book taken from the Dear world anthology edited by Nathan Hamilton. 

In the collection, the poets who rang my bell were SJ Fowler, Rachael Allen, Sandeep Parmar, Sam Riviere and Joe Crot. From Fowler’s ‘Recipes,’ we get lines that take you far from gastronomy, such as
(from a recipe for Caeser Salad)
a weak wrist, nobel peace prize for two Liberian women
a suckling fix, cutting it out of the stomach to determine its gender
a limp salad marriage;
You can read the article here http://dhakatribune.com/arts-amp-culture/2014/mar/02/letter-london & the whole issue http://www.dhakatribune.com/sites/default/files/issue/2014/03/Arts_&_Letters_2_3.pdf.pdf