Penned in the Margins Xmas sale - Enemies in the Innovator package!

I'm not just saying it because they published Enemies, but Penned in the Margins is clearly one of the most important poetry presses in the British Isles. The list speaks for itself (Wilkes, McCabe, Critchley, Kennard, Phillipson et al), always innovating upon their own mode. And now they're having a Christmas Sale - 20% off all books until the end of December. & add into this there are special bundle deals, the first of which, includes Enemies, so get out your 25 squid and improve your life.
Christmas Bundle #1: The Innovator
Books for those with avant-garde tendencies. From Emily Critchley’s experimental confessionals to the minimalist lyrics of Rob Stanton, and from Alan Cunningham’s urban philosophy to SJ Fowler’s cross-artform collaborations, this is poetry and fiction that embraces fragmentation, collage and collaboration £25