The Enemies project presents Erkembode: an exhibition at the Hardy Tree gallery

Running from November 7th to December 1st 2013, at the Hardy Tree gallery in Kings Cross (, the Enemies project is very proud to present an exhibition of the work of Erkembode, 'not just another saint', which evidences the artworks of one of London's most dynamic modernist artists. His extensive engagement with poets and poetry, and his consistent collaborative practise, has made him a fundamental part of the Enemies project. Amongst the many pieces that will be exhibited, there will be a wall of visual translations, responses & collaborations with poets such as David Berridge and Daniele Pantano, amongst others, that will be constantly changing over the near month the exhibition takes place.
Visit for more information, and two posters for the event are attached. Opening hours are Thursday to Sunday 12pm to 6pm and during the many eventsNot just any old saints, that will run throughout the exhibition, beginning with the opening on Thursday 7th November from 7pm, followed by...

Saturday 9th November, 7.30pm- Krampusnacht
An evening of music, performance art and non-lingual poetry from ProvokiefGlass Human PenisClosed Circuits SJ Fowler and Marcus Slease.

Monday 11th November, 7.30pm - Saints on Film
An evening of expanded cinema and experimental film from Josh Alexander, Alex Kell and Erkembode. Plus a showing of William Burroughs cut-up films.

Saturday 23rd November, 7.30pm - Poets as Saints
Event specific poetry by avant-garde poets bouncing around the subject of saints. Poets/saints on board so far are Tim Atkins, SJ Fowler, Robert Kiely, Sarah Kelly, David Berridge and Marcus Slease.

Sunday 24th, 11am - Pilgrimage of Saints Excursion
A pilgrimage with Saint Erkembode that begins at the Hardy Tree Gallery, then wander up to the road to see the Thomas Hardy Tree in Saint Pancras Church Cemetery. From there we will walk to Angel to join the canal, walk until Hackney to visit Saint Augustine's tower and then finally to the Pembury Tavern pub.
Please come to support another exciting enterprise that splices contemporary vanguard poetry in collaboration with another equally vibrant artistic medium.