Enemies from Penned in the Margins

Really happy to say Enemies, my selected collaborations, from Penned in the Margins, is now available to order http://www.pennedinthemargins.co.uk/index.php/2013/09/enemies-2/
The book is 168 pages of collaborations with 29 different poets, artists, photographers, composers and includes full colour artworks and photographs amongst the text. I hope it stands as a unique document, of both my work and of the Enemies project in general, and I’m very proud to be associated with some of the most interesting and dynamic artists and writers working in their respective fields http://www.weareenemies.com/
The collaborators / works included, often excerpted from longer pieces, are:
Tim Atkins – Secretum Meum http://www.onedit.net/
David Berridge – 40 feet http://verysmallkitchen.com/
Cristine Brache – you’d love me, I’d tell everyone http://cristinebrache.info/
Patrick Coyle – Art Gallery Bouncer http://www.patrickcoyle.info/
Emily Critchley- The Mechanical Root http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emily_Critchley
Lone Eriksen – Brumhold’s diary http://www.loneeriksen.com/
Frédéric Forte – a Recipe of Franglais http://www.oulipo.net/oulipiens/ff
Tom Jenks – 1000 proverbs http://www.zshboo.org/
Alexander Kell – Museum of Debt http://alexanderkell.com/
David Kelly – Gilles de Rais / The Rasenna/ Saint Augustine of Hippo http://erkembode.com/
Sarah Kelly – Ways of Describing Cuts http://www.s-kelly.co.uk/
Anatol Knotek -  Inner life of Man http://www.anatol.cc/
Ilenia Madelaire – Cannibals http://www.ileniamadelaire.com/
Chris McCabe – Dead Souls Like http://chris-mccabe.blogspot.co.uk/
nick-e melville – Inside the Actor’s Studio http://nick-emelville.blogspot.co.uk/
Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl – a Recipe for Hakarl http://norddahl.org/
Matteo X Patocchi – Muyock http://www.matteopatocchi.com/
Claire Potter- Videodrome http://clairelouisepotter.blogspot.co.uk/
Monika Rinck – Phanomenologie mit einigen geist http://www.begriffsstudio.de/
Sam Riviere – Long Letter, Short Farewell http://samriviere.com/
Hannah Silva – Panopticon http://hannahsilva.wordpress.com/
Marcus Slease – Elephanche http://marcusslease.blogspot.co.uk/
Ross Sutherland – Battles http://www.rosssutherland.co.uk/
Ryan Van Winkle – The Burbs http://ryanvanwinkle.com/
Philip Venables – The Revenge of Miguel Cotto http://philipvenables.com/
Sian Williams – Animal Husbandry
Below is an excerpt from the book’s introduction:
“...Artists who are powerful alone, and need not collaborate, seem to do so easily, uninterested in the protection of their inspiration. If the book is held together by poetry, it is as a soft and tacky kind of glue – uhu - as good for eating as for adhesion, barely keeping pace (which is its strength, I hope, that it acknowledges this in its very firmament) with the photography, art, illustration, musical composition and design of so many gifted others to be found within these pages. I have had to be told it is a book dense and mysterious, full of challenging material, and shifts in tone. It doesn’t seem so to me, nor did it feel so in its multifarious creation or compilation. But then perhaps that is because I hope if my work stands for one thing, it is that experimentation and innovation is not a stance, but a pattern of behaviour, not a philosophy of theory, heavy with beneficial and smug associations of rebellion and kudos, but a specific reaction to a specific need or notion – a philosophy in action...”
& finally special debts of gratitude to Jon Opie and Shonagh Manson at the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, who, alongside Arts Council England support, have allowed the concept for this book to grow into a huge programme of events, as well as gratitude to all the collaborators who made it into the book, all those who didn’t, probably better off not being associated with me, and Tom Chivers, editor of Penned in the Margins who produced the immense object itself.