Sea Pie: a Shearsman anthology of Oystercatcher poetry  An amazing new anthology has been published by Shearsman, one of the UK's most vital and consistent and considered presses, documenting the truly brilliant editorial work of Peter Hughes at Oystercatcher over the last few years. I published one of my fights cycles, Johnny Tapia, with Peter last year, in the imitable black cardcut style of Oystercatcher and really without enough time to appreciate it, found myself in the company of poets like Carol Watts, Philip Terry, John James, Emily Critchley, Kelvin Corcoran and Tim Atkins. This anthology, a really beautiful object, and so effortlessly edited to be both comprehensive and slim line, is a testament to what Oystercatcher has achieved. It is a book full of exacting and linguistically forceful poetry, and really I hope it gets a strong reception as it thoroughly deserves one.

Below is a poem featured in the chapbook I published with Oystercatcher but is not one of the poems featured in the anthology.

v   Our Lady of Perpetual Help

“And I learned that pain is a part of life. And that love can come and go”

cha cha cha

an overweight pink in all in one
                                            girl tracksuit

kid on a bike, shouting pussyole
   & others

    murdered & dumped into a pit
covered with soil
              a garden planted
          with apple trees
                            ankle weights
                                      & fresh pressups