Kent Johnson on 3am

One of the major upsides of being the poetry editor at 3am is that I can approach and publish people like Kent Johnson, who has influenced my work so much and has been a powerful antagonistic presence in English language poetry for years.

Sestina: Avantforte
O your perfect, vulgate, hairy sestina
–David Shapiro (correspondence with the author)
It’s interesting how no one has yet written a sestina about John Ashbery,
Joseph Ceravolo, Barbara Guest, James Schuyler, Frank O’Hara, and Kenneth Koch.
After all, the New York poets wrote a bunch of sestinas, and Frank O’Hara,
of course, though he never wrote one himself, dropped the names of poets in his poems
    like crazy. James Schuyler
did too. He lived at the Chelsea amongst wackos of all kinds. Once, on the morning of
    this poem, when seven thousand saffron panels billowed in the park, on a day you could     take up the tattered shadows off the grass, Barbara Guest
knocked on his door with a flat shape under her arm. Joseph Ceravolo
answered the door. What are you doing here, she said. Maybe I should be asking you that
    question, said Joseph Ceravolo.
Well, I’ve got this painting, it’s by Joe Brainard, I wanted to show it to Jimmy, and it’s
    called “Tangerines.”