Poetry Parnassus Pictures #1 - Alexander Kell - the Rain of Poems

The advantage of having a close friend who is also an amazing photographer is quite evident. More so when you are reading and organising events which, at the time of their happening, seem like simple, small occasions, but when time passes, you realise a record of them would be invaluable. When the record is a single frozen image, with all the indelible, and subtle, qualities that make up good photography, then it is all the more special. Alexander Kell's presence at the Poetry Parnassus was quite obviously important (in this picture to the left, i seem to be eating a swiss roll in one bite, which I dont remember doing)

These images really capture what was so personally important to me about the festival, it served as an occasion to bring my friends closer together through something I was fortunate enough to be doing, and the Rain of Poems was the night when it seemed most intense and even emotional.  You can see more of Alexander's work here http://alexanderkell.tumblr.com/, and there are loads more images from the festival that will be up all over the place, including in an exhibition for the Poetry Library about the Poetry Parnassus.