Maintenant celebration II & the end of the Parnassus

The last day of Poetry Parnassus was really a way of saying farewell and recovering from the intensity of the Saturday. It wasn't exactly maudlin but without a doubt there was a note of relaxation and resignation to the proceedings. I had one more event to maintain, the final Maintenant celebration reading featuring six very different poets - Gerdur Kristny, Nigar Hasan Zadeh, Ilya Kaminsky, Agnes Lehoczky, Donatas Petrosius and Immanuel Mifsud. I thought the reading had its highlights and was nicely varied in tone and style. Many said afterwards they thought the reading really stood out. I had the chance to say a few words below, before Gerdur began in on Bloodhoof... This was it for my involvement in the festival.

As ever the great Ilya Kaminsky showed why he is held in such remarkable esteem around the world.

Immanuel Mifsud has always been known to many as a poet and dramatist of the highest order, one who balances intimacy with relentlessness in the way few can. This reading evidenced beyond a doubt that his place is amongst the finest contemporary European writers and in person, was a genuinely moving and intensive experience.