lines from Ekelof

when one has come as far as I in meaninglessness
every word becomes once more interesting

to be equal to each other
to warm each other’s corpse under chastity’s lovely curve in eternity’s white marble
gravestones whose oppressive cold forms over the dream like the smell over remains or a whisper
decay for ages together
defend each other’s corpse against damp and freedom
be two in blessedness, lie still, endure, be still
lick each other’s corpse with kisses slowly like worms creep into the hiding places

Here is the lower world’s smile

Farewell Order!
Welcome Disorder!

I forced the man to his knees
forced my enemy on all fours
I put his wife on his back
and I took her there
before I gave her to the wild cows

my limbs go wandering
my thoughts scatter
without you
Gunnar Ekelof