A note on: a film by Emanuella Amichai translating my poem

Emanuella is an amazing film maker and artist who I’ve had the pleasure to correspond with for years. She made a film of my poetic sequence - Meditations on Strong Tea - which was in my 2014 Rottweiler’s guide to the Down Owner book, and written for tom and val raworth. It’s a beautiful example of abstract intermedia translation, a removed but potent form of collaboration. Her work is wonderful, worth seeking her out.

Published: Two ekphrastic cinematic poems on Queen Mob's Tea House

Very pleased to have two new poems up on Queen Mob's Tea House, edited by Erik Kennedy, on the poetry front. My kind of publication. The poems are both ekphrastic, if that term applies to films as well as artworks. I assume it does. Two films that I feel are somehow bound, Snowpiercer and Yojimbo. Certainly my poems about them are bound. I doubt itll happen but if the poems make you watch the films, then that's a result http://queenmobs.com/2016/06/poems-sj-fowler/