A note on: Lunalia: a lunar sound project with Maja Jantar

One of the most comprehensive sound collaborations I've ever undertaken. One month of recordings, an entire lunar cycle, Maja Jantar and I exchanged sonic responses to the moon over the summer, including poem, songs, found recordings, mixed for publication. I was the 11th collaborator in Maja’s remarkable series. This was a brilliant, often intense process, another lovely moment in a series of works I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate on with Maja. And as before, I learned an extraordinary amount working with her, with her in my mind as I tried to keep up to the daily recording schedule. I’m proud of the result, it’s extensive, a real record of a time in my life.

All 30 files with adjoining blogs are available http://www.stevenjfowler.com/lunalia

Week One

August 18th: Worm-moon Wormwood Scrubs is a place most in London would associate with its adjacent prison. Outside of London it’s hardly known. It’s where I go to exercise, often at night, especially in the summer. It’s totally dark, surrounded by a belt of light, and the industrial trains entering and exiting Willesden Junction. From the middle of the scrubs I can see the moon, first 2/3 blood moon, and by the end of my exercise, the full red moon. I took the recorder to the middle of the open expanse of grass, empty of people aside from the odd dog walker emerging from the darkness and let my exhausted breathing ebb as I watched up. By complete chance, a genuine coincidence, earlier in the day, someone had said to me that I should watch for the super moon that night, that the celts called it the Dispute Moon, others the Hunger Moon, Corn Moon and Wolf Moon....

Enemies is Inpress book of the month

Dear Reader,
As you most likely know, being so discerning and possessing such fine taste in poetry-selling websites, today is National Poetry Day.
This morning we learnt from Valley Press poet Miles Salter that as a nation we spend about £67 million each year on Pringle’s crisps, and only £6.5 million on poetry books. Suitably humbled, we can only hope to slowly begin to redress the balance.
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Stuck for ideas on what to buy? Then read on, October is going to be a very good month for new releases...
Book of the Month
SJ Fowler is a poet and artist living in London. He has published four collections of poetry, most recently the limited-edition Recipes, published by Red Ceilings in 2012. He has produced poetry, sonic art, installation and performance artworks for the Tate, the Voiceworks project and the London Sinfonietta. He is the poetry editor of 3:AM Magazine and also works as a martial arts instructor, and as an employee of the British Museum. A lovely lad, by all accounts, I'm sure you'll agree. But it seems even the most altruistic soul rubs up against a few people the wrong way along life's turbulent path. SJ Fowler, we are reliably informed, has enemies.
This ground-breaking, multi-disciplinary collection is the result of collaborations with over thirty artists, photographers and writers. Diary entries mingle with a partially-redacted email exchange; texts slip and fragment, finding new contexts alongside prints, paintings, diagrams, Rorschach blots, YouTube clips and behind-the-scenes photographs at the British Museum. Trust us, it really is as mad as it sounds, in the very best way possible.
Including collaborations with the unrivalled Sam Riviere and the indisputably brilliant Chris McCabe this is a collection of poetry unlike anything you will have ever read before. Iain Sinclair called it, "An overwhelming assault," and we're not about to disagree.
Want to know what on earth it's all about? Well, you can buy it here.