A note on : a poem as a song on the Dramm's Modern Genetics


Been a grand source of collaborative verve to work with Diamanda Dramm over the last 15 months or so (we’ve more significant outputs to release into the aetherworld this year that I am particularly proud of) and recently a poem of mine which was written to become a song of hers was featured on a remarkably beautiful “triple LP by laberge, laberge dramm and dramm.”, that is Diamanda and her creators. The LP is made up of live recordings & unreleased material on 180-gram vinyl, plus a high-quality digital download code. the first release on Splendor Records. I’m lucky to be a small part of a special sonic object

Modern Genetics can be ordered through Bandcamp online here

David Dramm plays guitars and sings. Anne La Berge play flutes and electronics, talks, and sings. Diamanda La Berge Dramm plays the violin, bass pedals, kick drum and sings.

From the makers - “a collector’s item upon release, this triple LP is a musical family history unlike any other. a rousing mix of punk, country, spoken word and electro. recorded live in Splendor Amsterdam by the 21st von Trapp family La Berge Dramm & guests.” Modern Genetics was recorded during live concerts at Splendor Amsterdam, in various studios in New York City and Amsterdam, in a hall in Eindhoven, and at home between 1990 and 2018. https://diamandadramm.com/modern-genetics/