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About - Loneliness has reached epidemic proportions in the UK, and workplace automation further weakens bonds between people. As the population ages, as more people live alone, people of all ages are at risk from diseases brought on by loneliness and in need of care.

THE STORY 'The Horse' is a 15 minute fiction-documentary hybrid film about Will who takes a new job as a care worker for elders in London. Under-trained and underpaid, Will speeds from home to home on his bicycle, entering hidden worlds to administer care to a delicate but dynamic assortment of elderly men. Spending long, lonely days with an overbearing phone app that monitors his efficiency, he endeavours to make his elderly “service users” his friends. But the job's punishing demands on Will’s time erode his attention, and in a moment of distraction, he makes a dangerous mistake. Throughout ‘The Horse’, the feisty, wheelchair-bound Derrick talks to Will about his desire to visit a horse in a derelict nearby field, but Will doesn’t really listen.

APPROACH Lotje's team are her production company Lief, EP Anthony Austin, producer Charlie Falconer and writer S J Fowler, with poetry by Wojciech Bonowicz. We have been working on this project for over a year for free, because we all have feelings of fondness and heartbreak when we think about our elderly relatives, and consequently, we love this project from the bottom of our hearts.