A note on: Subverse by Diamanda Dramm features my poems


A new solo show by Diamanda Dramm continues her and I’s collaboration, as this time, at Mittelfest (IT), Wonderfeel Festival (NL), and Gaudeamus Festival (NL), she is presenting “an unrelenting solo violin set extending into the bass realm: Diamanda accompanies herself with her feet, using drums and organ pedal, uniting her whole physique into sound. She unfolds the sound of her violin, navigating its peripheries and pushing them out a little bit. The set designed uniquely for this program connects the sonic experience to its visual manifestation.” with music by Dramm, La Berge Dramm, Bach, Corelli. Purcell, Biber. and text by me. The text is taken from a new unpublished work, a book length work about CHIMPS. Diamanda recites it from her mind in between the proper music. This is strange and magical for those words. https://diamandadramm.com/news/