A note on: celebrating Attila Jozsef in Covent Garden

A really fun second entry into my new series of events celebrating Hungarian authors with the Hungarian Cultural Centre, who, as before, could not have been more hospitable, laid back or funny. / We had six new performances from 8 artist writers reflecting on Jozsef - that powerful emotional archetypal poetic presence - and a lovely pretty much full audience for a soft early june night in the heart of Covent Garden.

You can see all the performances at the link below, including some amazing work by Bettina Fung, Stephen Watts and Astra Papachristodoulou.


It was also the first reveal of a new project I’m editing with Dominic Jaeckle - Hotel Cordel - ‘A House on Fire’ (Translations After Atilla József). For more info visit partisanhotel.co.uk/Hotel-Cordel-A-House-on-Fire

For my own performance I did another black box music movement work. I have tried to make these entirely irreverent, lively, playful, weird, improvised. This time I threw out distracting possible performance ideas before playing three songs legitimately made of Jozsef poems, while black bagging myself. One was country, one 70s prog, one was death metal. Good finds. I also opened a window and shouted at some people in the street in a nice way. I asked them if they were hungarian. They said they were from cambridge so I shut the window.