A note on : Greenwich Book Fest - chatting with Paul Ewen, Isabel Waidner, Sam Jordison

An eye bleed get up for me, to get down to Greenwich and join three wonderful writers on a panel about writing and the contemporary university environment. As is often the way, precisely because it was a wee bit quiet and we were all a bit blurry eyed, it was a rare delight.

Sam essentially made a space for us in what was otherwise a very busy festival, of a certain tone, nowt wrong with it, but quite commercial and a little bit bourgeois diet prog type thing, indicative of greenwich itself, and we were perhaps a bit more eclectic? Or roughened? Not that the event and chat was in anyway contradictory. Our differences were small and complimentary as we talked over creative writing pedagogy, class and money and writing, the challenges 21st century students face and other such things.

I admire all three of their writing, and it was the best kind of literary festival event, authentic and unforced. https://greenwichbookfest.com/event/writers-on-campus/